Case Studies

Barlows Electrical

An interview with Mr David Barlow MBE (Clifford College) chosen training provider for Barlows (UK) Ltd

What is an apprenticeship at Barlows?
An apprenticeship is a work-based training opportunity as one of the UK’s leading electrical contractors

Why is it a 4-year course?
To develop the skills of the young individuals required to become electricians.

What is safeguarding?
Safeguarding is top of our agenda, we ensure all of our students are in a safe working environment whilst at work

Why do we do a driver safety course?
Because our apprentices may go on to drive our vans, and as young drivers driving large vans with tools and equipment inside, we need to ensure they are competent and safe on the road

Why do applicants need a Level 2 in maths and English?
Preferably applicants would have a level 2 in both subjects because of the standard of maths and English in the course

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